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I understand that eating healthy sounds wonderful, but many do not know where to begin. Many assume that it is too much effort, time and preperation for tasteless meals.

That is why I came up with these two, 30 day menu plans! They are not only practical, but delicious and designed for busy families. You will find so much variety for a nutrient dense breakfast, lunch and dinner! I have designed both menu plans with a calendar and detailed recipes with step by step instructions. The calendar outlines each days meals, as well as any preperation that needs to happen prior to a meal to help keep you organized.

Learn how to properly prepare grains, nuts and seeds; how to make fermented foods and healing meat stocks! Learn how to make grain free breads, snacks and entrees!

You can choose from Gluten Free, Sugar Free Menu Plan or for those Paleo fans, there is a Dairy Free, Grain Free and Sugar Free Menu Plan!